Beginning with the Seventies
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  1. Robert Kinmont, 8 Natural Handstands, 1969/2009 (detail)
    nine silver gelatin prints
    21.5 x 21.5 cm each Photo Joerg Lohse; Image courtesy of Alexander and Bonin, New York

  2. Martha Rosler, First Lady (Pat Nixon), 1967-72 photomontage from the series Bringing the War Home: House Beautiful
    Courtesy of the artist, Brooklyn, New York and Mitchell-Innes & Nash Gallery, New York

  3. Eleanor Antin, 100 Boots, 1971-73 (detail)
    50 black-and-white postcards, 11.1 x 17.8 cm each
    Image courtesy of Alexander and Bonin, New York

State of Mind

New California Art Circa 1970

September 28 - December 9, 2012

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