Gerhard Class, Concerto, 1960-61
Gerhard Class, Tuning Fork, 1968
Robert Clothier, Three Forms, 1956 Robert Clothier, Three Forms, 1956
Paul Deggan, Untitled, 1965 Paul Deggan, Untitled, 1965
Otto Fischer-Credo, Asiatic Head, 1958/1977
time machine detail Rodney Graham, Millennial Time Machine, 2003
Jack Harman, Portrait Bust of Dr. Norman A. M. MacKenzie, 1976
Jack Harman, Transcendence, 1961
James Hart, 7idansuu (Edenshaw), Reconciliation Pole, 2015-2017
Hock E Aye VI Edgar Heap of Birds, Native Hosts, 1991/2007 (multiple locations)
Zeljko Kujundzic, Thunderbirds, 1967 Zeljko Kujundzic, Thunderbirds, 1967
Glenn Lewis, Classical Toy Boat Glenn Lewis, Classical Toy Boat, 1987
Myfanwy MacLeod, Wood for the People, 2002
William McMillan, King George VI, 1955/58
Charles Marega, Monkey and the Bearded Man, 1925
Cumbria Robert Murray, Cumbria, 1966-67/1995
Ellen Neel, Victory Through Honour, 1948/2004
George Norris, Man about to Plant Alfalfa, 1967
George Norris, Mother and Child, 1955 George Norris, Mother and Child, 1955
George Norris, Unititled, 1968 George Norris, Untitled, 1968
Esther Shalev-Gerz, The Shadow, 2018
Untitled (Symbols for Education) Lionel Thomas & Patricia Thomas, Untitled (Symbols for Education), 1958
Lionel Thomas, The Lion and St. Mark, 1957
Robert Weghsteen, Untitled, 1971 Robert Weghsteen, Untitled, 1971