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  1. Larry Johnson. Exhibition catalogue. 80 pages, colour images. Soft cover. Essays by Scott Watson, Laurence A. Rickels, Gary Indiana. $25.00
    ISBN# 0-88865-316-6 — To order contact:, tel. 604.822.2759,
    fax. 604.822.6689.

  2. Larry Johnson. Untitled (ABC), 1990. Ektacolor print; unique. 180.5 x 155.0 cm.

Larry Johnson

The Morris and Helen Belkin Gallery has organized the first one-person museum exhibition of Los Angeles artist, Larry Johnson. Johnson’s work is a hybrid of photography, text, animation, graphic design and painting. His works investigate American language by zeroing in on the bizarre epiphanies and cruel despair of a new consciousness created by the totalization of consumer culture. The work is beautiful and polemical. Johnson’s work offers a caustic view of American reality from a queer perspective.

Included in the exhibition are three bodies of work, dating from 1988 through 1995, which present a broad spectrum of Johnson’s art and documents the juxtapositions within, and the development of, his unique and provocative point of view.

Johnson, who lives and works in Los Angeles, has for the past ten years created photographically-based work that uses image and text in a pointed analysis of contemporary society, specifically contemporary society as it has been defined by popular media and culture.

This will be the first major exhibition of Los Angeles art in Vancouver since the L.A. Six at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 1968 and the Ed Ruscha Retrospective in 1978.

For further information please contact: Jana Tyner at,
tel: (604) 822-1389, or fax: (604) 822-6689