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Marcel Dzama

More Famous Drawings

6 October—3 December 2000

Welcome to Dzamaland, where surreal parables smell of root beer. The drawings of Winnipeg artist Marcel Dzama contain quirky characters inspired from sources as diverse as The Wizard of Oz, Captain America, Beatrix Potter, science textbooks, porn magazines, television cartoons and the bizarre in all times. The things that happen to them are slightly perverse, almost plausible, sometimes ugly but always enchanting.

There are treemen, bears, unrecognizable children, cactus persons, cowboys, naked women, guns, amputees, gangsters, bugs and rabbits—and much more. The stories are set in a Beckettian atmosphere and seem to escape the passage of time. Strange creatures perform their roles on the eternity of the white paper where their surrounding space might be a sinking glacier or perhaps a sky of atomic brightness. Some characters get killed or devoured while others can’t decide on which head to wear.

More Famous Drawings is an exhibition of over 100 drawings from 1996 to the present and is a touring show of Plug In, Winnipeg, MB

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