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  1. Piotr Nathan, How far do you dare to go, 1996.
    Oil on canvas, 59.9 x 59.9 cm.

  2. Piotr Nathan, Margarethe's Treasure Chest, 1997.
    Oil on canvas, 125.6 x 185.1 cm.

  3. Piotr Nathan: How Far Do You Dare to Go. Exhibition catalogue. 104 pages, colour and b/w images. Essays by Ulmann-Matthias Cemali, Kassandra Nakas, and Frank Wagner. $30.00
    ISBN# 0-88865-642-4 — To order contact:, tel. 604.822.2759, fax. 604.822.6689.

Piotr Nathan

How far do you dare to go

14 October—04 December 2005

Opening reception Thursday 13 October 8–10 p.m.

Gallery tour with the artist Friday 14 October 12:30 pm

Piotr Nathan was born in Gdansk, Poland and lives in Berlin. He has exhibited widely throughout Europe and the USA and this is his first exhibition in Canada. Nathan works in a variety of mediums and this exhibition will focus on works from the past ten years that include painting and three forty foot murals consisting of images garnered from the genre of 19th-century gravures made for the mass market. Finding material in scientific publications, old postcards, scientific charts, and pornography, Nathan translates the promise of reality into scenarios for the fleeting, transient, and disparate moments that enter our lives. His works draw upon the power of natural phenomena, sexual rites, death, and the shear intensity of life in pursuit of emotions that constitute longing and striving.

>> Click here to download Curator Scott Watson’s preface to the exhibition catalogue [PDF 1.4 MB]

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