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Ruins in Process: Vancouver Art in the Sixties

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  1. Recent Acquisitions invite, front.
    Artwork by Steven Andrews.

  2. Stephen Shearer, Scrap I, 2001. Mixed media, dimensions variable (installation view).

Recent Acquisitions

Stephen Andrews, Jamelie Hassan, Ray Johnson, Myfanwy MacLeod, Jerry Pethick, Peter Schuyff, and Steven Shearer

17 June—21 August 2005

The Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery is home to British Columbia’s third largest public collection of art. During the past few years, the collection’s reputation has gained increased attention through the acquisition of important works by artists of regional, national, and international origin. Recent Acquisitions offers an opportunity to see a number of works that have recently entered the collection.

The exhibition will highlight major works both inside and outside the gallery. Inside features works by Stephen Andrews, Jerry Pethick, Steven Shearer, Myfanwy MacLeod, Ray Johnson, and Peter Schuyff. Stephen Andrews’ Untitled: The End, 1st Part of the 2nd half, “The Future” is a large-scale installation of sixty-three vertical mylar “filmstrips” that demonstrate the beginning of his interest in blending portraiture and cinema. Jerry Pethick is represented by three important pieces that employ his early attempts to successfully realize Gabriel Lippman’s fly’s-eye view in photographic form. Steven Shearer, one of this year’s winners of the annual VIVA awards, is represented by Scrap, a multi-part collection of drawings, prints, collages, and photographs that proposes a social typology of suburban youth culture and modern design in the mid-1970s. Myfanwy MacLeod’s Wood for the People consists of identical cast concrete logs blocking one of the entryways to the gallery—a rural woodpile displaced in an urban environment. A 1965 monochrome painting by New York-based artist Ray Johnson will be exhibited with a selection of correspondences with artist Peter Schuyff. Ball Roy, a painting by Schuyff that references Vancouver’s PUMPS scene, will be exhibited in proximity to the Johnson work.

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