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  1. Lorna Brown, Threshold (cont.), 2007 - 2009.
    Video installation. Courtesy of the artist.

Lorna Brown: Threshold (cont.)

February 13 - June 21, 2009

Walter C. Koerner Library, Main floor, 1958 Main Mall, University of British Columbia

Library hours:
Monday to Friday 8 am to 11 pm, Saturday to Sunday 10 am to 11 pm
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Artist talk: with Lorna Brown and Laiwan
Monday, April 27, 6 to 7:30 pm
Lillooet Room (Room 301), Chapman Learning Commons
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, 1961 East Mall, UBC

The Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, the University of British Columbia Library, and Walter C. Koerner Library are pleased to announce the exhibition of Threshold (cont.), 2007 – 2009 by Lorna Brown.

Threshold (cont.) is part of on ongoing inquiry into the topic of boredom that Brown began in 2000. Within various fields of research, boredom has been written about in diverse ways: as a condition that is dangerous to society, a precursor to positive radical change, and the result of becoming overwhelmed by tedious, repetitive activity. Placed in the context of a university library where the published results of research are stored and accessed through different media, Threshold (cont.) raises questions about how knowledge is circulated, the processes of engaged learning, and the weariness or lack of interest that can result from information overload.

This video installation is made up of quoted texts from sources in literature, criticism, sociology and other discourses. The texts are projected to roll very slowly across the library floor, eventually becoming legible as they reach the bottom of the wall. The quotes reflect their diverse sources through the jargon or vocabulary of the original texts and frequently contradict each other. The quotes are marked with endnote symbols, and these endnotes are presented in a printed list available at Walter C. Koerner Library. Animated dingbat symbols reminiscent of ‘waiting’ icons of computer operating systems punctuate each quote.

As a ‘convolute’, the video loop of indeterminate length displaces time, and presents an indeterminate definition of boredom. The scrolling text is suggestive of a credit roll in film and television, which stands in awkward distinction to the action of the film or TV program. The anticipation or impatience that may result from waiting for the text to become readable parallels the struggle to form meaning from the potentially endless, contradictory list.

Lorna Brown is a Vancouver-based artist, writer and curator. She has exhibited her work internationally since 1984. She has taught at Emily Carr University of Art and Design and Simon Fraser University. Brown was the curator for Group Search: art in the library, a series of artists’ projects at the Vancouver Public Library from 2006 to 2008 and she is currently developing the Centre for Art in Public Spaces at Langara College in Vancouver. She received the Vancouver Institute for the Visual Arts Award in 1996 and the Canada Council Paris Studio Award in 2000. Her work is in the collections of the National Gallery of Canada, the BC Arts Council, the Surrey Art Gallery, and The Canada Council Art Bank.

This project is a collaboration of the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, the UBC Library, and Walter C. Koerner Library and has been made possible by the generous support of the Audain Foundation.

For further information please contact: Jana Tyner at,
tel: (604) 822-1389, or fax: (604) 822-6689